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You weren’t born to be a (digital) wallflower, so let’s leverage what only you can hang your hat on and captivate the right people from first click

The Captivation Code is a 6-week experience for the online business owner who wants to build a personality-driven brand that feels like home and nail the core messaging that will have best-fit clients knocking on the door, month after month

We begin October 14th 2019

“Brand.” Ask a room of people to define it and every single one will give you a different answer.

At its core, a brand is a concept. A feeling. A perception.

It’s what “they” whisper to their friends… and your potential best-fit clients… when you’re not listening. You might be thinking that means branding is outside your control. But there lies your opportunity.

Because if you’re fiercely intentional about the way you build your brand, you can shape the perception for them.

As an online business owner who’s the face of your brand, the way you express yourself through that brand is what makes you unique. Recognizable. Memorable. Worth saying yes yes yes to.

Why is it, then, that when we’re trying to convey a message rooted in our personality and unique gifts, we look at everyone else’s for clues?

<Insert poignant pause here>

What’s more, most online business owners who are the face of their brand become so focused on getting the sale they miss a crucial part of brand development. Captivation.

The truth is, you’ll only convert a client after you’ve captivated them. And if you focus on captivating them, converting them becomes a natural progression. The easiest way to do that? Nail your core brand messaging.

Right now, I bet your business doesn’t feel like a reflection of who you truly are and what you want to stand for. And that means:

  • You’re not established as a leader or go-to expert in your industry because you’re not (yet) known for bringing something unique to the table
  • You’re not confident in clearly and authentically communicating what your brand stands for and why you’re the one for your best-fit clients (rather than “just another service-provider”)
  • You don’t feel like you’ve reached “pro” status and you’re overdue an uplevel
  • Your door isn’t the one your best-fit clients come knocking on when they need what you’re offering, so you’re forced to take on clients who aren’t a great fit (and we all know how that can turn out…)
  • You seem to blend into the ocean of online business owners and wonder how those who rise to the top are getting all the traction when their ideas aren’t shinier than yours, their work isn’t better than yours, and their devotion isn’t stronger than yours
  • You’re nervous to raise your rates (even though you know your work is worth it) and putting your offers “out there” consistently gives you the skin-shivers
  • You feel a bit lost and you’re not clear about what your core message is, let alone how to make it sound irresistible to the people you’d really love to work with

Just like your home is an expression of who you are, what you love, and the way you see the world, your brand and messaging should be too

Captivating your best-fit clients is about more than turning their heads. It’s about stealing their hearts by sharing pieces of your own. Resonating with them SO HARD that they never want to leave this little world of possibility you’ve just invited them into.

You’re here because you’re ready to have best-fit clients lining up at your virtual door, a calendar booked out weeks in advance, and the confidence to raise your rates, say no more often, and show up as the leader you know you can be.

But how do you actually make it happen?

You make it happen inside The Captivation Code

Please note this page contains zero “cracking the code” puns

The Captivation Code is a 6-week experience designed to help you build a brand you feel completely at home in and nail your core messaging so that best-fit clients + opportunities come knocking on your virtual door.

We begin October 14th 2019

THANK YOU. The journey that I’ve been on over the past few weeks has been a real game-changer. I honestly feel like I’ve been confused and playing guessing games for a while now, like I’ve been scratching the surface on what I ‘think’ I’m doing or what my work is. Going through The Captivation Code has been the catalyst to me finding some answers I’ve been really, really searching for. It’s unlocked SO MUCH clarity for me and I’m delighted. It feels like it’s really coming together and making so much more sense in my head (and heart!).

Sophie French, Mindset + Business Coach

This experience is for the quietly rebellious online business owner who wants to…

  • Uncover, refine, and OWN that unique thing that not only positions them as an expert and helps them stand out from “competitors,” but also draws them closer to their best-fit clients
  • Captivate more of their best-fit humans and convert them into premium paying clients + brand ambassadors
  • Grow their service-based business through the power of referrals, not waste time, money, and energy on “active” marketing
  • Clearly and easily infuse more of their unique personality, beliefs, and stories into everything they communicate
  • Feel 100% at home in their brand + business, now and years down the line
  • Build a clear, creative, and cohesive brand + business on their own terms, by their own rules
  • And do it all without hustling their tail off (because hustling is so 2016)

The Captivation Code is the culmination of my experience creating personality-driven brand + business strategies, messaging, and copy for myself 150+ service-based clients over the past 4.5 years. Clients who run five-figure businesses. And clients who run multiple eight-figure businesses.

Before The Captivation Code, my brand and my message were muddled and unclear, and while I was working with clients, some were not a perfect fit. This program changed all of that. I gained clarity on my brand and message I’ve never had before and some key tools around messaging and concepts that have been fundamental for my business. If you’re looking to get really clear on how to talk to your people in a voice that sounds like you and connects easily rather than having to go ‘hard-sell,’ The Captivation Code is a fantastic program, and if Suzi has made it even better since the spring, it better sell out as people are missing out otherwise!!!

Pippa Parfait, Belonging Coach

The Captivation Code will also serve you like a white-gloved butler (in the buff is optional) if:

  • You have to write anything for your online business (duh!) and you want words to flow out of you like a tap with exceptional water pressure
  • You want to write (or hire out the writing of) website copy that has people gripped from headline to call to action because it’s rooted in your story, sprinkled with your personality, and has your unique brand fingerprint stamped all over it
  • You send emails in your business and you want them to feel more like you’re telling a story than selling a service
  • You’re launching a service or a program and you want your landing page / sales page / social media posts to be eyeball-magnets, not formulaic snooze-fests
  • You want to feel confident AF every time you hit publish because you know you’re communicating in a way that’s true to you, reflective of how you want your brand to be perceived, and that cupid arrows the hearts of your best-fit clients

To be clear, this isn’t a copywriting program, but it IS a program that will make writing copy 10X easier for you. Instead of pulling words out your ass and then tossing them in the bin when you decide “nobody is going to read this rubbish,” you’ll know what your brand stands for, how you want to be perceived, and how to communicate in a way that positions you as an expert (and invites all the right people inside your corner of the internet). Your Brand Language Bank is reallllly going to help with that. Keep reading for details!


Before The Captivation Code, I had no clear vision for my brand & business. I was kind of flying by the seat of my pants and didn’t know how my brand was memorable or different to someone else’s. The video lessons were bite-sized yet engaging and the workbook was simple yet so impactful and really helped me to think about things in a different way. I loved how I ended up with a completed roadmap for the kind of business I wanted to create. It was so valuable and insightful to go through the program with other inspiring people and see what challenges and results they were getting. Now I feel so much more confident about the direction of my brand.

Maria Carras-Woollard, Mentor to VAs

The Captivation Code begins 14th October 2019

What if communicating through your brand felt like the most natural thing in the world? Here’s how we’ll turn the so-so messaging you have into the scroll-stopping messaging you crave…

Chapter 1: Drawing the Plans


You wouldn’t build a house without a clear plan, so why would you build a brand without one? In this chapter you’ll:

  • Learn what your brand advantages are and how to actually use them to your advantage
  • Create a clear and intentional vision for your brand, business, and life (because you build a brand to serve your business, and you build a business to serve your life)
  • Become 10X more confident in how to show up as the human and business owner you want to be, not the human and business owner you are
  • Channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter what you don’t like and create more space for what sparks JOY

Chapter 2: Laying the Foundations


Just like a house needs to have a rock-solid foundation that supports everything that stands on top of it, your brand needs to have a rock-solid foundation that supports every single business decision you make. In this chapter you’ll:

  • Learn the essential ingredient to captivation and how to “fake” it if you don’t feel like you have it yet
  • Discover who your best-fit clients really are (I am not going to have you create a stiff client avatar)
  • Uncover the “three P’s” that you can use to build a unique brand that has the effortless power to turn browsers into buyers
  • Understand why the advice to “just be yourself” could actually be doing your brand more harm than good

Chapter 3: Building the Walls


In this noisy online world, it’s not enough to get people to notice you, they need to connect with you deeply enough to keep reading, listening, clicking, buying, and sharing. Here’s a hint: Create an irresistible brand story. One that only you can create. After this chapter you’ll:

  • Understand why your story and your brand story are not the same thing, and why you need to nail both to confidently show up as a leader
  • Be able to leverage the essential elements of your brand story in a way that shows off what you stand for, why you’re unique at what you do, and why it’s important to you in the first
  • Have a simple story structure to communicate in a way that both feels true to you and draws your best-fit clients closer
  • Have a springboard to write (or rewrite) your about page, share-worthy social media posts, and original emails

Chapter 4: Setting the Cornerstone


How many times have you caught yourself wondering how can I stand out more online? I’m going to guess… eleventy billion? That’s where a creative brand concept comes in and, when done right, becomes the cornerstone of your brand. In this chapter you’ll:

  • Learn the different captivation styles and choose which one feels most natural to you (when you know this, communicating and “selling” becomes so much easier)
  • Start working on the creative concepts you could use to communicate your brand (verbally and visually) and choose the one that feels right for you and will tattoo itself on the brains of your best-fit clients
  • Understand how to ensure your brand stands the test of time and evolves with you – so if you decide you want to pivot in your business, you don’t have to burn your brand to the ground and start again

Chapter 5: Fitting the Roof


In many ways, your message is you brand. And every day you’re not communicating effectively, you’re letting profit slip through your fingers like mulberry silk. When you know what you want to say and how to say it, everything becomes clearer, easier, and more fun. But even better, it gets best-fit clients lining up at your door. After this chapter you’ll:

  • Nail down the unique core messages which ensure that everything you communicate is unique to you, reflective of you, and positions you as a leader
  • Leverage those “three P’s” from chapter 2 to position yourself as the expert and draw your best-fit clients closer to you while repelling everyone else (don’t worry, this is exactly what you want!)
  • Have access to a little vault of “Hollywood” secrets to writing stories that hook heads and hearts (oh, and credit cards…)
  • Create a Brand Language Bank that you can open up any time you need to write anything for your business to keep your messaging sharp, compelling, and “on-brand”

Chapter 6: Decorating the Interior


Once you’ve got your strategy and story nailed down, it’s time to string everything you’ve worked on together in a cohesive way that feels like home for you – and feels like home for your best-fit clients, too. You know, so they never want to leave. In this chapter you’ll:

  • Learn how to infuse your brand strategy and concept into your website so that browsing sessions become intriguing EXPERIENCES that take readers on a journey and encourage them to take action on your offers
  • Understand the other brand touchpoints (some of these will be unexpected) that you should be hyper intentional about in order to captivate the right clients so they don’t just become buyers, they become brand ambassadors
  • Burst with excitement to start showing up as this pro business owner who has built themselves a whole league of their own online


Suzi is a RARE EXOTIC UNICORN. I’ve worked alongside many a brand strategist over the years, and they’re either whip smart, or uber creative, but rarely both. And then Suzi rolls in, blending both powerhouse and personality, which is absolutely her superpower. As a former lawyer, she knows what it takes to make a business tick, but as a creative? She knows what it takes to make it sing.

Ash Ambirge – Founder of The Middle Finger Project

Here’s what your front row seat in The Captivation Code includes

If you choose Door 1: Garden Patio

  • A series of short, thought-provoking, fluff-free videos (most are around 5 minutes) released at the start of every week that guide you through my captivation process in a way that’s clear, simple, and doesn’t make your brain want to die (and yes, you’ll have these forever and you can rewatch them as often as you want!).
  • A beautifully simple Brand Book split into short weekly chapters to help you get your thoughts and ideas out of your head in a strategic way as you go through the videos (the clarity this will give you is insane). This will become your business treasure trove. Everything you need to position yourself as the expert to your best-fit clients and build a brand that feels like you and feels like home will be in here.
  • A template Captivation Code that will help you take the key parts of your Brand Book and turn them into a treasure trove you can dive into whenever you need to communicate through your business. If the Brand Book is where you’ll excavate the diamonds, the Captivation Code is where you’ll polish them (and keep only the best). This will cover your vision, your positioning, your brand story, your brand concept, your core messaging, and your overall brand experience.
  • A small, private Facebook community with built-in accountability to connect grow alongside the other personality-driven business owners in the group – you’ll never feel alone, because you won’t be. Every week, there will be an accountability thread where you can commit to what you’re working on, and an opportunity to ask me questions as you work through the experience.

If you choose Door 2: Rooftop Balcony

Everything listed under Door 1, plus…

  • 6 live weekly group coaching calls with me via Zoom where you’ll have the chance to ask your questions and get deep, personalised insights and guidance from me as well as from your fellow Captivators on the call. I’ve been described as a wise old soul and my background is both corporate and creative, so you’ll get feedback which is a blend of strategy and art! (Not many coaches or mentors can offer both.)
  • Recordings of the coaching calls in case you can’t make it live, want to make more notes, or just want to watch my mug on screen again.
  • Private Voxer access to me within certain time slots for any brand and business questions you want to ask in a 1:1 environment. You can consider me a captivation coach in your back pocket. Perfect when you feel a bit stuck and want the clarity to make moves (and make a statement). The value of this is ££££.
  • A behind-closed-doors look at how I approached building (and rebuilding) my own brand as well as a breakdown at a few select online brands, so you can take inspiration from them – or avoid the mistakes that have been made. SO helpful and time-saving when it comes to the practical application of The Captivation Code.

If you choose Door 1: Garden Patio

If you choose Door 2: Rooftop Balcony

The Captivation Code begins 14th October 2019

Who’s the Head of this House?

Hi! I’m Suzi Hoare, brand strategist, website copywriter, and the founder of Captivation House. If we haven’t already met, I help online service-based business owners overhaul or realign their brand with a creative concept that helps them stand out and strategic website copy that helps them sell more.

In the 4.5 years since I started my company, I’ve worked with 150+ business owners around the world on their positioning and messaging and they’ve gone on to have results like:

  • 1000% ROI(!!!)
  • Selling their programs at the highest ever rate
  • Having their biggest launch ever
  • Selling their most expensive service within 24 hours of their website going live
  • Filling up their programs without a fancy funnel
  • Attracting best-fit clients simply because their messaging was so resonant

I’ve built my service-based business completely on referrals (absolutely zero ad spend and very limited “active marketing”) and a huge reason why I’ve been able to do that is because of the strength of my brand.

Inside The Captivation Code I’m peeling back the curtain to my own simple but powerful methodologies, so I can guide you through the process of determining how you want to be perceived, and then molding that perception into a clear, creative, cohesive message and a can-I-please-stay-forever kind of brand.

The Captivation Code is a journey to fully understanding who you are, what makes you unique, and leveraging those special characteristics to build THE brand that will elevate your status, your expertise, and your bottom line.

If you want to uncover that ‘thing’ that makes your brand special, Suzi is your gal. She’s got a knack for you seeing you, bringing you of the shadows (in a fun way), and leveraging what you’ve already got. Your elevated brand awaits. Don’t delay.

Erika Lyremark – Author, Think Like a Stripper & Creator of The Daily Whip

Your captivating brand and core message will be created with these three building blocks in mind


1: Clarity

Being unapologetically certain about what you stand for and what you want to be known for, and strategic about who you want to serve and how you want to serve them.

Most personal brands are lucky to even get this far. Maybe it’s because most people believe “brand clarity” is simply taking an archetype quiz, picking 5 core values, and creating a mission statement. (Spoiler alert: it’s not.)

When you get deep, diamond-cut clarity on your brand and the way you want to show up in it, your confidence shoots up out the chimney and your momentum for making smart decisions and taking aligned action is unstoppable.



2: Creativity

Turning your personality, your beliefs, your stories, and your skills into a creative concept that’s easily recognisable, memorable beyond five minutes of interacting with your brand, and completely unique to you.

Most big brands use a creative concept. Most successful adverts use a creative concept. And yet the vast majority of personal brands… don’t. That sounds like one heck of an opportunity for you!

When you leverage creativity in your own business (boldly or subtly), you automatically start rising to the top, because your brand suddenly connects in a way that other brands simply can’t, and that’s what gets your best-fit clients noticing, loving, sharing, and buying from you.

3: Cohesion

Threading what makes you unique through every facet of your brand – the strategy, the copy, the photos, the design, the website, and the whole brand experience.

This is what elevates a brand to serious pro status. Cohesion tells everyone who needs to know that you mean business, you know your shit, and you’re fiercely intentional about standing tall in a league of your own.

When you pull everything within your brand and business together in a simple, strategically cohesive way, you position yourself as the expert. And when you’re perceived as the expert, business runs on your terms.

When you go through The Captivation Code, you’ll be able to build a brand and message that’s clear, creative, cohesive, and therefore *surprise!* captivating.

Suddenly, your brand becomes a magnet for best-fit clients and OMG opportunities, and a repellent for people who aren’t a good fit for working with you (or who are merely price-hunting like a truffle pig).

Suzi’s work contributed to having my best month in business until that point. It also gave me more more confidence around what I was putting out there and that absolutely drove sales in! She’s a great professional, extremely talented writer, fine observer, and gifted branding artist.

Cristina Bold – Money Mindset Mentor

The Captivation Code begins 14th October 2019

So you could stick with the brand you have…

  • Doesn’t feel like you anymore – it’s just not a good fit for where you’re at (and where you’re going) in business
  • Doesn’t reflect what you stand for – which means you aren’t magnetising enough best-fit clients or opportunities
  • Isn’t what you want to be known for – which limits you from putting yourself out there in a bigger way

Or fight for the brand you crave…

  • Infused with your unique personality, philosophy, and point of view – so sharing it with the world feels natural and exciting
  • Crystal clear about what it stands for and what it wants to be known for – so you create a whole league of your own online
  • Captivates and delights the eyes and hearts of your best-fit humans – so your inbox is bursting with enquiries, your waitlist is brimming with names, and your bank account is having a dance party

Suzi is the investment you didn’t know you badly need. She knows how to turn an idea into a communication that makes money. I sold out my group program to the EXACT people I wanted to attract.

Robyn Puglia – Functional Nutritionist

Still not sure whether The Captivation Code is for you? Let’s get you off that fence by playing a little game…

Go ahead and select all that apply:

  1. You’re working with *some* great clients, but not the premium, snuggly-fit clients you’d give your favourite house plant to work with (you know, the ones you stalk on Instagram but haven’t seduced into your inbox yet)
  2. You’re charging decent rates, but still not the kind of rates you know your work is worth (and the rates that would allow you to book fewer clients / create that group program / take a month off / have more date nights / spend more time with sand between your toes)
  3. You’re stuck in hustle mode, chained to your laptop, exhausted from spending too many hours every month searching for clients instead of attracting them to you (or selecting them from your waitlist)
  4. Your brand simply doesn’t reflect YOU and what you stand for in business any more and you’re *kind of* embarrassed by it – not ideal when potential clients are combing through your website every day wondering if you’re The One for them
  5. Your brand lacks clarity, creativity, or cohesion (or, DUN DUN DUN, all three) and it’s stopping you from putting yourself and your work out there in the way you so want to
  6. You’re not standing out or being recognized as the leader you know you are because your brand doesn’t position you as a leader, period
If you selected one statement, your brand sounds like it’s doing pretty great. But if I know you, you’re always looking for ways to improve.

If you selected between two and four statements, there’s plenty we can do to build or rebuild your brand the right way.

If you selected between five and six statements, HOLY MUSHROOMS DON’T PANIC I GOT YOU.

The truth is, almost every online business will experience this phase where you feel like you’re outgrowing what’s brought you to this point but aren’t sure what comes next.

You don’t want to get it wrong and risk screwing yourself over.

You don’t want to miss the opportunities lurking right around the corner for you.

You don’t want to have to “remodel” your brand every few months (and spend ££££ every time).

So… don’t.

Instead, join The Captivation Code, build THE captivating brand now, and let the business and life you want follow.

Got a question? The answer might be here.

What do I actually strut away with after The Captivation Code?
The intangible stuff: where-have-you-been-all-my-life clarity on what your brand strategy + story is and how to confidently express that in a unique and 100% aligned way through your different brand touchpoints.

The tangible stuff: your full-of-diamonds Brand Book and your own actionable Captivation Code, which will serve as a rock-solid foundation for your brand that you can use to make business decisions in minutes instead of hours and protect any future investments you make in services like design, photography, and copywriting.

Who is this perfect for?
This is designed for the online service-based business owner who’s the face of their brand, is at least a year into business (or knows the specific type of clients they want to be working with), and already has a revenue stream. Plus, they’ll be seeking clarity on where to take their brand, help uncovering what their “magic” is and how to express it with confidence, and simple strategies they can implement in their own original way.
How long do I get access to the program?
The live experience itself is 6 weeks, but all of the materials (videos, your Brand Book, the template Captivation Code, and anything additional I create) is yours for as long as we both shall live.

What Suzi created is priceless. She helped me with my strategy which was great when I second guessed myself and she incorporated my business message and what sets me apart in such a unique and memorable way. Suzi really understood my brand mission and what makes it shine and so brought it to life in a way that far exceeded my expectations.

Lissa Sandler – Website Strategist + Designer

So, do you want to come inside and take your seat at my table?

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By signing up, you're also giving permission to receive equally delicious info and offers specifically designed to help you captivate + convert more ideal clients. No fluff. No BS. No spam. (I can't promise there won't be GIFs.) 

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